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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:59 am    Post subject: LAW OF ATTRACTION - Nik Zafri Reply with quote

Posted: 04 November 2007 at 3:54pm - The STAR Global Malaysians Forum - Thread "Moment Silence"

I was asked by one forumer on 'one post' here in Global Malaysians that read :

nikzafri wrote:

Foo and everyone.I do not know if you people believe in the universal or cosmic power that talks about laws of attraction. It is the one 'moment in time' when you give to the needies or being good samaritans, and for some reason, you 'overlook' the thought of getting something back in return but quoting Foo - "done in good faith and humanity"

In most cases, you WILL get something back (some sort like a 'reward' for good deeds - provided that you're not hoping for something in return). Has it ever occur to you that why do philantropists making good habits to give 1/2 or 1/4 of their wealth for good causes? Oooo..some people told me, it's because to avoid tax. But try to think for a while if you are to become very very rich and you've got everything in the world that you've ever wished for, what else is there to do with the balance? Keep it to yourself? 'm sure you all know who Bill Gates is. He was the President of Microsoft once and he got so bored sitting up there and 'demoting' himself to become the Marketing man and start pushing Microsoft's marketing.

Then he somehow felt that it's time to pass over to new breed and blood and now he's in his very own foundation..doing what? Becoming more generous and generous.I recalled talking to Gerard Lee about this matter but in the economics perspective -

i.e. Liquidity in the long run. But not so many people has this kind of 'faith'

(even if they do..they can't stand the pressure too long)...most of them are impatient...when they give something, they do want something back in return and fast! )

Someone very wise told me the following words:

"If you are too obsessed in chasing for richness, you cannot define yourself as working hard, but you are; in fact; greedy. Just stop the chasing for a while and you'll see, the richness will come to seek you."

"There's no such thing as a "Perfect Human Being"....when you try to be too perfect & cannot afford to make any mistakes, you're killing yourself or worse commit suicide..but if you can afford to make mistakes and learn from them - that's what being human is all about..not a perfect human but human."

Another ruling on the laws of attraction states that instead you're focussing your inner powers so much to weaken certain people in order to 'take over' their position, you are actually making them more powerful and usually you'll loose in the end. On the other hand, you should focus and telling yourself these positive vibes- "I can do it..I can do it... I can do it...I will succeed, I will succeed, I will succeed" or if you want take him/her to become your idol, you can tell yourself "He's/She's a normal human being, he/she has brains, he/she works hard....So do I"Something for you all to think about.

Cheers (I'm off to work again)

The questions are about to know more about Laws of Attraction - among others:

1) Logical or not logical?
2) How it is actually done?
3) Would I be successful?

And I have great respect for the forumer because he/she (?) said :

"Criticize me if you have to! I can take it!" So here goes..

I need to tell this forumer (hereinafter referred to as "You" Smile) that I myself is not an expert or 'authority' in this field but I can share few tips :

(but alas, for personal reasons, I can't tell you or guarantee success or have I been successful in practising this?Otherwise a lot of people will take my words as gospel)

My answers will be based on few books that I've read from renowned authors such as:

a. Victor Norman Peale
b. Jose Silva
c. Napoleon Hill
d. Wallace D. Wattles
e. Joe Vitale

If you have read any of these books or similar to them, you will know that the first golden rule of practising Law of Attraction (as they call it today or any other equivalent terms used) is :

a. Cast away your doubts - Believe - in other words - Have faith.

Thus when you asked in your 3rd question :"Will it be succesful?" - Then I would deem that you have broken to first rule by being doubtful? Smile

(inquisitiveness? curiosity? you say? Nay..they are totally different - in spelling and in meaning..inquisitiveness is usually being expressed by a practitioner/believer but he/she wanted to continually improve his/her techniques) - no offend Smile

Coming back to the first question.

b. Is it logical or not logical.

My answer would be :

The decision of whether it is logic or non-logic is made by you and you alone - not me or not the authors. It is really up to you to reject or accept.

But you asked : Logic or Not Logic...Again the question represents :doubt.

A popular management phrase :

"People will reject something that they don't understand" which is to be simply interpreted as "Rejection to CHANGE!"

(Remember when many ancient scientists been considered magicians and eventually punished unfairly because people at that time REJECT things that they do not understand - luckily I don't live in this era! Smile )

Thus, if you are a teacher, do you find it difficult to explain or to educate the students once they have the REJECTION* attitude/mindset 'built-in'..

I'm sure and really hope - you're not one of them. (*Ignorance/Just Don't want or don't wish to understand or afraid of the consequences)
Less but not least,

c) "How is it done?"

My question back to you? Have you actually read any of the books? Smile

How come you're asking me back the questions when you said you have actually READ one of the books I mentioned above? Really?

Now, after you have read my views on your questions, you can now read the non-intellectual tips once you have considered seriously what I've said above. All positive inputs are meant only for positive ouputs.

(Yeah I know people might misunderstood and argue on the typical fomula Positive + Positive but I'm not referring to 3 M (Maths or Marriage or Magnetic Field)..I'm talking about 'karma' or 'what goes around comes around' or whatever you want to call it)

I use to tell my friends all the time :

"If you pose someone a stupid question, (it is likely that) you'll get a stupid answer"

"The mirror doesn't lie to you, it's you who are lying to the mirror"

If you read back the original thread posted here, I was talking about being generous once you're rich. This statement; if not properly understood; might be seen as 'self-imposement of 'self created strict law' that you MUST forced/coerced) give in order to make LOA works!('re DEAD wrong!)

If you think that being generous will make you reap rewards, think again!

(In another perspective, you are teaching 'the man upstairs' of his job...when he already know what his job's you who do not are providing your own terms and conditions that is "If I give I must get something back" who you're foolin?)

If I am him, I would say to you "You dare to teach me!!" Smile )

a) It is not really being generous when you start lying to yourself - means that 'you are asking/hoping something in return for something you give?" which makes you to a certain degree - an 'insincere' person? Again another golden rule broken.

b) you are creating another 'false rule yourself' about YOU MUST BE GENEROUS when you're practising Laws of Attraction (LOA).

What really is happening to you at this juncture is that without you realizing it, you are actually trying to pathetically xeroxing Bill Gates or Rockafeller without asking them why the heck are you guys being generous? Rule broken again.

The idea of being generous ONLY when you have money is illogical. So, you don't have money, you're not generous'lah'?...a rather narrow thinking - don't you think?

How about sharing food? or giving away/donating your clothes or other valuables to people in need? Being generous is not necessarily because you have money. I don't think you will be successful in your life if you hold to this principle. It's like waiting to be rich first before you can become generous later...hahaha..good luck my friend..

I'll tell you what this 'generous' attitude really means (in my opinion -taking into account the books that I've read):

Being generous is the expression of "being thankful" or "greatful" or "what you have been 'awarded' with..that's all. (and it's not only MONEY!)

Otherwise you'll end being generous because the LOA says so...which is not really accurate. (I'm not saying it's wrong to be generous but change the perspective a bit)

Now, how to create that 'thankful feeling' on the first place? Here are some basics :

Just flashback and remember/recall what has befallen you "BEFORE YOU ARE RICH" in the past? Financial Difficulty? Being Poor? How does it feel like? Would you want to be 'that way' again? Or have you forgotten your 'dark' past?

Only then, you would be really be thankful or greatful and as a result you would be this is PURE SINCERITY - (which you will definitely FEEL so me) not to mention of donating without wanting publicity (that is a BONUS!)

Thus, you're being generous because you're thankful or greatful for what you have been bestowed with and feel so good when you can help people out...You don't need anything in return because you already GOT IT!

Thus :

Input = Practising LOA
Output = Being Thankful/Greatful equals to "Generosity/Pure Sincererity"

(God..I feel like I'm a somesort of a 'guru' or something...hahaha..funny)

Now this is what I call giving back what you have been given.
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