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Joined: 10 Jan 2008
Posts: 119

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 9:59 am    Post subject: Internet Marketing Conquering The Airwaves? - Nik Zafri Reply with quote

Extracted from (Knowledge Management Portal)

Internet Marketing Conquering The Airwaves?

With society becoming more and more "connected" to the internet and the increasing bombardment of internet advertising, does anyone think that one day internet marketing/advertising will make commercial TV advertising obsolete? Is it already happening?

Benjiq - Australia

Nik Zafri replies :

A good question indeed! Well, you can say 'YES' and you can say 'NO'.

Let's start with 'NO' first.

a) Is internet advertising/marketing effective enough today even though the internet has been introduced for many-many years? What I've seen today are negative responses mostly - e.g. irritating pop-ups ads, net A & P not adhering to laws, people are not getting the quality they have bargained for etc. etc.

b) Look at the post-offices/postal services/couriers, they are still working are they not? despite there are e-mails and faxes?

c) Look at the newspapers, tabloids etc., they are still in the market - are they not? despite there are online-newspaper and tabloids.

d) People still say 'good morning' and still 'shake hands' with another colleague despite there's intranet with mail and SMS (on both computer and mobile phone)

e) Foreign Direct Investment are still coming (by proper visit) despite the K-Economy and globalization age of ICT, smart partnerships are still happening, the stock market still require people to help them out etc. etc.

Based ONLY on this 5 factors, the answer will definitely be 'NO'! It would be a 'Miracle' if people can get out of this era and go ONLINE on everything!

We still need 'hard copies' and TV advertising. Although, what you said has actually been happening and related to what I termed as a kind of 'digital-divide', but the effect is still not that bad.

Let's now go to 'YES'

a) If people started to re-realize the core 'humanity-based' objective of why ICT was introduced - be it internet marketing or for whatsoever thing - where the objective states - 'to protect the environment, trees esp. so that less trees are being cut to make papers', probably, this will one day replace 'hard copies'. Even that is so, TV is also; in a manner of speaking; helping out the preserving natural environment as well (in this context)

b) If everyone learn how to follow rules and know how to be patient in helping another online business and follow the flow of e.g. MLM. Then one day, what you say will happen.

But what I see today are attitudes that goes something like these :

"Mr. X saw an online advertising about products and services of 'Y' Company. He thought that, if 'Y' can do it, why not me? So he gets online, build another website similar to 'Y'."

"Mr. X saw a 'value click banner' on 'Y' company's website. The URL clicked will also state 'Y's ID so that if Mr. X intended to buy something through this 'value click banner', then Y shall be entitled to a certain 'commission'.

But Mr. X again said, why must I click on 'Y's 'banner' when I can create another on my website? Why must I give money to 'Y', when I can get money on my own? So Mr. X approached the company directly using 'Y's URL and applied for another value click banner for his website...."

What I'm trying to say here is : "When there are only 'Sellers' or everybody wanted to become a "businessman", who's going to become the 'Purchasers' or whose going to become your 'customers'?

Today, newbies in business tend to create very unhealthy competition (even in reality) - spoiling other businesses with low price + low quality.

c) If the top people in the government knows how to enforce regulations properly on the online ads , perhaps again, what you say will work. But in today's environment, it is hard to control these online ads despite how many regulations (e.g. intellectual property, BSA and FBI regulations even) etc. etc.

But you can still see people actually 'smart-shopping' on TV, CableTV etc. etc. The people is still confident with the formal advertising as these advertisements are still subject to rules before they can be displayed on TV...making people feel secure.

I heard the internet users are no longer considering internet advertising due to doubtful over some of the contents - unscrupulous people posting 'false bid' on the net and some 'get-rich-quick' scheme through so 'called' projects, money-'investment' (actually laundering), 'black money' , undelivered goods etc. etc.

Again, maybe, we should stick back to the original culture, once you have advertised on the net, you should be able NOT to force people to BUY from the internet although you may have all the measures like digital cert, firewall etc. etc.

But why not ask people to enquire first - give them some space to think ...and try to make appointments with them (not the digital appointment like video-conferencing). See them in reality, get into conversation, let them be 'used' to you first, give them hard copy surveys, only then, you can ask your customers to purchase ONLINE! Give them some 'free gifts'..perhaps they would like to go for your web (then you may consider your online software and web as 'user-friendly' but by 'forcing' people to buy or 'go', it's not 'user friendly' at all although the 'web-functionalities' are easy to cope up with)

I noticed that these methods are working on 'freeware' and 'shareware' concepts, MP3 and other multimedia format downloading (including use of Adobe PDF) etc. etc.

Big companies like Yahoo, suffered first before they reach this level you have seen now...

'E-commerce is NO 'brick and mortar' plus 'overnight business'

Remember this phrase?
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Joined: 10 Jan 2008
Posts: 119

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:00 am    Post subject: MANAGING THROUGH RECESSION - Nik Zafri Reply with quote

Extracted from (Knowledge Management Portal)

Question from : W Hollenbaugh, United States.

In todays current financial status of the lower and middle class, is it possible for a person of my stature who is over their head in bills and general cost of living while all the while facing the rise of the cost of living to get ahead and provide a comfortable life for himself and his family when he does not have the financial means of his own to invest on the things available to get ahead and make a suitable life for his family? All questions, thoughts and direction of advise is greatly appreciated and needed.

Nik Zafri's response :

Thank you for your query Mr. Hollenbaugh. As a matter of fact, what you have highlighted is a universal problem (even to me as well). I can only quote you the examples from the Malaysian environment that is currently recovering from the fall in the late 90s. I've been queried many times by mostly small businessmen and freelance consultants of how they can sustain throughout this difficult period. What I've told them may not be the same with what you are encountering as the situation in the United States possibly a little bit different than what we have in South East Asia especially Malaysia.

In our quest towards recovery and ultimately a financial freedom, we have to go back to the 'basics'. Ask yourself what you are really good at? I call this 'your personal branding'. Then, you list down your other skills (Your Personal JD) but make sure they are according to your degree of ability (benchmarking) Then, you have to do some sort of a process flow chart of how you plan start this Main Competency/Other Skills of yours and where it ends.

Then you will have to measure them by putting some time frame i.e. how long can you usually finish this personal branding/other skills of yours - depending on the job you're doing, it may be a short or a long term project. (you need to classify what kind of job you're doing, short or long term)

Having done this, you need to have your own Personal Mission Statement (ambition/aspiration towards the future). In your objectives/goals/key result areas, you need to specifiy of 'when you're going to achieve these', 'do you need more exposure like training (Expected Ability minus Current Ability = Needs of Training - you can do this by taking your personal JD as a basis) ' or 'advertising (flyers as a start)' of your main skill/branding & other skills. There are quite a number of free seminars, go to these places and make friends with the more experienced people esp. the experts/speakers etc. (networking), always get in touch with them. If you have more money, you can always take up business classes to any extent that you wish - so long as this academic + skills classes are very related to what you are good at.

Another good thing you can do is to forecast your Profit & Loss. Do some personal survey through networking - through your friends or competitors..of course you don't need to travel one place to another to get this. Even by networking, you can get interesting information as well.

If you are good in quantitative techniques, QCC and operational research, you can always use these things to further analyse your achievement, data gained from survey and projects that you're doing such as complaints, comments etc. etc. This is especially good for when making final and 'almost' accurate decision making (after all nothing's perfect)- what you're going to do next or what are your future plans.

The Internet has a lot of resources on what you are doing. Find and read them. Always update yourself with the latest issues.

Of course; along the journey; you will find that sometimes your personal branding might have competitors. Don't worry about it, the market segment maybe quite big and there are many slices of cakes enough for everyone - if you're really up to it or strong enough.

If you find that your other skills are 'making more money' to you, don't be too distracted and leaving your Main Competency/Personal Branding. Many have failed by taking this dangerous path and pitfall as their profit generators. What should be done is to stick firmly to your Main Competency/Personal Branding - your identity - what you are good at and channel all the profits/money from your other skills to realize your aspiration - to be the best in what you do best (your Main Competency/Personal Branding)

Of course, what I'm saying here is very related only to those who wishes to open-up/establish their own business or freelancing. Being employed is still a good thing if you are only having 1-2 years experience. The best employment experience that I've ever seen (that works) is about 5-10 years minimum before considering to venture oneself into what I've mentioned above. Another thing need to be emphasized here is that, these employment experience; if possible; must come from multi-disciplines or multi-industrial ranging from different types/variations of products or different types of services. Yes, many also have said to me that "Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss" but there are also some pros besides contras - multi-industrial knowledge is a lot better then only to narrow yourself to one particular industry only...

Please note : I do not encourage employed people to do what I've said above as a 'part-time job' as based on my experience, no one can really focus being employed and doing something else to gain more money at the same time...It won't work...there will be time that you have to make a very critical choice of either to choose your job or your own business.

Good luck!
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Joined: 10 Jan 2008
Posts: 119

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:01 am    Post subject: COMPETENCY VS ACADEMIC - ACCREDITATION - Nik Zafri Reply with quote

The Star Global Malaysian Forum - Posted: 27 June 2005 at 2:31pm

Someone has asked me an interesting question that I would like to share with all of you as 'mind probe' to trigger our 'art of thinking capability'.

"I am an Accounting student who has passed with flying colours but still uncertain of what to do. I was called for an interview in a construction industry but I am scared that I might not 'make it' to the next level. Someone said to me that I must know the the difference between academic and competency and how to blend them together when I work, Please help"

It was a difficult question but I have answered to it anyway. In principle :

Academic - is a continual learning process - ending up with Certificate, Diploma, Degree and so on. (Authority - Ministry of Education/Ministry of Higher Learning)

Competency - is a staggard learning process - you will have to undergo one level to another. It's also a process 'having experience' before 'experience' and I called it 'learning to work'. (Authority - Ministry of Human Resources)

Both the above require 'accreditation' from the relevant statutory bodies typically on the Modules, Facilitators/Lecturers and Premise where both nature of courses are provided.

Both academic and competency are two core prequisites for fresh graduates but require a little bit of what I call 'customization to the needs of the industry that you are about to be in'.

In one of my lectures in one of the Malaysian local institution of higher learning - on Knowledge Management (Theme : Knowledge Worker), I have said that an Accounting student may not necessarily end up in an Accounting firm. He may also end up in a Construction Industry. Thus, this is where competency comes in where he has to gain some knowledge in advance about construction industry in order to apply his academic-based accounting knowledge.

After graduation, he may have to spend some money (I call it investment) to attend competency-based courses from CIDB, YSP, NIOSH, NPC etc. etc. Not to the level of becoming a Construction Supervisor or Project Manager but to understand the construction industry itself as he has no experience and don't know 'jack' about the construction industry.

He can also mingle round with some of the 'senior/matured 'technical' students' to gain a little bit of data before ascertaining the accounting knowledge that he may have to know before attending an interview with a Contractor (e.g. the COQ - Cost of Quality as a result of defect/repairing cost analysis and how these data contribute to future effective budgetting - project management or How Procurement (of Raw Materials) and a Quantity Surveyor (Bill of Quantities) interface with his accounting capability)

Apart from the abovementioned, I also ask him to refresh his studies on English Language (topics such as report writing and communication) and ICT - (IT application that may apply to him during his work - e.g. a little bit of knowledge of Intranet/Data Mining, ERP/MRP, CRM and how he can contribute his 'tacit data' towards these 'databases' (the main source) in order to have the output for 'explicit knowledge' (after it has been properly 'tapped' by means of QCC tools aided by computer-based analysis)

That's simply IT! Mind you, I didn't get these methods the easy way but I got it from 'hands-on experience', 'learning by heart' and 'continual improvement of my current knowledge and skills'. But for the fresh graduates, think of what I've may prove you day!

I chuckled when this guy replied to me :

"Is it that difficult??"
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Joined: 10 Jan 2008
Posts: 119

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 3:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[email protected] Thu, 3 Jan 2008 22:44:20 +0800 wrote:
Sejauhmanakah TQM digunapakai di sektor pendidikan?

Thanks for the query.

Unfortunately, due to my beginning 2008 busy/tight schedule, rasanya baguslah kalau Christina cuba lawati url - berikut :

Cuma sektor pendidikan ni agak luas sedikit dan aplikasi TQMnya berbeza-beza - contohnya Lembaga Akreditasi Negara, mereka juga mengamalkan pengauditan akreditasi IPT-IPT berdasarkan aras-aras ukuran ala-TQM.

Selain, itu Kementerian Pelajaran mempunyai cara tersendiri dalam mengamalkan prinsip TQM di peringkat Kementerian.(Begitu juga dengan Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi yang bekerjasama dengan LAN)

Selain itu, sektor pelajaran menengah dan rendah bukan sahaja guru,tenaga pengajar & kakitangan juga terbabit sama dalam TQM (lihat URL/Pautan yang saya berikan)

Selain itu, konsep/hypotheses pedagogi - pengajaran bakal guru/tenaga pengajar juga terdapat inovasi dan salah satunya falsafah liberal yang menggunapakai TQM.

Soalan anda terlalu 'am', harap dapat lebih spesifik.
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Joined: 10 Jan 2008
Posts: 119

PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 1:40 pm    Post subject: GEARING RATIO Reply with quote

Miss Chee by e-mail query wrote:
I have just opened up a company 7 months back and after much try, we have been awarded grant to go further with the product manufactured. I like to know the meaning of gearing ratio and how it applies

Dear Miss Chee

Many thanks for your query. Gearing Ratio is a financial term that covers the process of comparing your capital/equity against your creditors. But in your case, you have been granted a grant which is different from serviceable loans.

Anyway, I will just explain in general.

Gearing will help benchmarkng your leverage (gearing) of finance to ascertain the degree that your funding of the company against your creditors amount of fund. The higher gearing, the more risk your company will be exposed to. It is a good practice to research further by taking/benchmarking against your competitors to ascertain the best acceptable ratio.

The basic calculations is total debt divided by total equity, times interest earned (EBIT* / total interest), equity ratio (equity / assets), and debt ratio (total debt / total assets).

(*EBIT = Operating Revenue � Operating Expenses (OPEX) + Non-operating Income)(Operating Income = Operating Revenue � Operating Expenses)
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Joined: 10 Jan 2008
Posts: 119

PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Posted on Global Malaysians Network: Subject : Business & Professional Networking, Thread : IT Questions - Anti Virus

19 March 2008 at 11:09pm

Sorry for being a latecomer. Please be reminded that I'm not giving any further counter-comments or response to any question or turn this into a technical forum, just a personal view as I don't think I'm an expert in this issue...not yet...

Please also look into the possibility of spread of lunatic and more complex worms like Brontok (any version), Ravmon etc. (not the desktop htt or folder ini - that is not too fatal and can be taken out by a normal anti-virus)

Now, based on my experience, not many anti-virus (which I don't want to mention which I've tried almost all of them) can survive against them except if you know :

a) the 'manual removal' via accessing the *back door* of the registry-editing, (not the normal 'regedit' - it may already not working) *safe mode/command prompt*

b) control-alt-del and look for 'disguising executable files' and/or if necessary, terminating the 'explorer exe' for a while and key in a new fresh command of 'exe'.

c) how to check against the camouflaging files with so-called 'trusted certs'

d) Unhide not only the files but also 'protected system files' as well, (if this doesn't work either i.e. you don't see the 'file-options' - you better call for a 'bigger brains' to help you out)


Many would not take the challenge except "FORMAT the disk"...if you've given up hope and still on XP, then you should go on doing that - but ensure that you choose the FAT...try to avoid NFTS

If you're a person who loves challenges - try not use any software or application or antivirus - as my last objective is to see the 'scripting' behind such worm after I have manually quarantine it. Reason being, I like to chart the movement of such worm and kinda do a reverse process back to the source - e.g. the 'original brontok' comes from photozip. (photozip needs to be launched the first time..and the rest is history)

As you know, these worms are capable to :

a) Duplicate your e-mail address book and starting to send in e-mails from 'you' to all your friends - with porn links and bad-bad 'words' - you only know after you get ****ed by your friends claiming that you're the one who is sending them.

b) Duplicate even your login and the whole files within your PC/Laptop and your capacity getting bigger and bigger - suddenly everything begin to go slower and slower for no reason - despite you've tried all kinds of anti-virus or even more surprising, whenever you're on the net, while trying to type 'virus removal or the words brontok or ravmon' in the search box, suddenly the browser closed automatically....haaa nasty!!

c) bugged the whole network if you're on network,

d) 'override' 'security system' and 'firewall'..

e) denying your access to 'regedit', denying full use of 'command prompt', inflicting 'pain' to your USB-based application once connected - like your pendrive, gosh..

f) sometimes, you feel you have deleted them, but they reappear after rebooting...and don't trust your 'system restore'

You still fail, then you should carefully look for the right 'antedote'

What I'm trying to tell you all is that should you experience any of what I've said above, then, trust me, not many anti-virus can help (it is possible the anti-virus itself has been bugged)

There are quite a lot of antedotes on the net.
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